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Editorial Policy

In less than a decade of existence, Backstop Syndicate has successfully positioned itself as one of the top go-to news websites delivering hot news on finance, fintech, cryptocurrencies, and more. Anyone interested in stocks, technology, payments, commerce, and the entire blockchain indeed has Backstop Syndicate as their news outlet. Tell me about expert interviews and constant market updates; we are constantly wrestling for the champion’s belt.

Since our inception in 2012, Backstop Syndicate has strived to deliver quality content on various topics to readers of different backgrounds and ethnicities. As we focus on excellence, we have a selective group of top-notch journalists who observe responsible reporting. Our journalists have turned over exceptional news with transparency, objectivity, and all fairness while quenching our readers’ thirst.

We understand that individual and organizations’ reputations are at stake while reporting. Hence, we aim for facts and deliver accordingly. With the joint effort of our sterling journalists under remarkable leadership, publishes real-time data and prices for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies across 10 industry sectors, delivers news on more than 200 organizations, and boasts a joint list of 50+ events and meetups in finance and tech industries.

Backstop Syndicate has proven to be a healthy workspace for employees, continually making room for self-development and career growth. In a world where many people suffer from mental health, we consider our employees to ensure stability, which promotes productivity.

Furthermore, when our articles are not original, we give credit and include the appropriate sources. All materials are thoroughly reviewed, and all content undergoes assessment before feeding it to the public. We achieve quality sourcing and reporting, objectivity, and transparency, transparency through our principles, which include:

  • Fact-Checking: Journalists are required to provide all facts with utmost objectivity before an article is published. In addition to our journalists’ requirement to fact-check, our proficient editors ensure all reports are objective and bias-free to promote veracity and correctness.
  • Reliable Sources: Backstop Syndicate strictly covers stories that have been perused and vetted by recognized news agencies. In addition, we only cite high-quality and authentic individual sources, whether names or anonymous.
  • Credits: As a requirement, our writers are mandated to attribute all materials to the original owner as we firmly stand against plagiarism. We understand the need for authenticity, and as a reason, our editors ensure that all articles are appropriately credited as due.
  • Corrections & Clarifications: Where and when possible, we make corrections and give explicit explanations on our posts. Although we aim for perfection, we make corrections and implement changes without delay.
  • Integrity: As a news website, we uphold integrity as a torch on our path in executing our roles and delivering to our readers, partners, and clients. We remain committed to our strict advertising guidelines, leaving no room for deceptive or illegal marketing.